Emergency Care

Dentistry helps us maintain a healthy oral cavity along with sporting a beautiful smile. But, our beautiful smile could change in an instant due to dental emergencies, such as oral trauma. Dental emergencies will have to be treated at the earliest by a professional dentist to ensure they do not take a toll on your oral health or appearance.

Common dental emergencies

Cracked or chipped tooth

Though the arrest part of the human body is the enamel, it could sometimes chip or crack when we bite or chew anything too hard. The teeth could also crack when patients take a hard blow to the mouth. In such cases, avoid touching the affected tooth as it would cause an infection. Gurgle with warm water to remove the broken off debris and apply a cold compress near the region.

Injured soft tissues

Biting the inner soft lining of the mouth or tongue while chewing food is quite common. But, when the intensity of the bite is too much, it could result in serious injury to the soft tissues. This can cause profuse bleeding and the chance of developing an infection. Hence, apply pressure near the injured area using a piece of gauze to control bleeding. Get to a dentist soon so that you can be treated without any delay.

Avulsed tooth

A hard blow to the mouth could completely uproot a tooth, or break it off right at the gum line. In such cases, our dentists will provide the right treatment and make sure you’re relieved of the pain and the bleeding is stopped. You can help yourself during the initial stages of the injury by controlling the bleeding using a clean piece of gauze. Apply a cold compress to soothe the region and to reduce the swelling.


Toothache can be caused due to an underlying dormant cavity. In some cases, leaving a major cavity untreated for a long time can cause severe toothache and advance to lead to a root canal infection. Hence, toothache should never be ignored and has to be diagnosed by a dentist at the earliest.

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