Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth staining is a natural process that occurs when enamel pores tend to trap food particles. Teeth with larger pores may appear darker than usual as they are more capable of this. There are many factors that can affect tooth colors, such as food, drinks, medications, tobacco, trauma, and aging. With every decade, your teeth get one to two shades darker. As teeth naturally can stain, it is necessary to follow regular oral hygiene practices to keep them healthy and glowing.

Patients who wish to brighten the color of the enamel through cosmetic means can opt for professional teeth whitening remedies. If you would like to take your teeth whitening experience up a notch, consider KöR whitening. KöR whitening products consistently deliver amazing results. 

What is KöR whitening?

KöR teeth whitening is a unique method of whitening teeth with absolutely no need for laser or lights.  The Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide formulation and delivery system can produce a lasting whitening effect on teeth. The Hydrogen Peroxide molecules would break down into oxygen, water, and other radicals that would directly diffuse into the microstructure of teeth. These are the bleaching factors that help lighten teeth to produce optimum whitening results.

What makes KöR whitening different from other teeth whitening products?

KöR whitening is different from other teeth whitening products due to its unique features such as:

1. Refrigerative Property: Bleaching products generally would have to break down into radicals to produce whitening effects. This also means that these whitening gels tend to lose their potency at room temperature.  KöR whitening gels can be refrigerated, thereby stopping their degradation. 

2.  KöR whitening Trays:  KöR whitening trays are better as compared to conventional whitening trays. The former helps seal out saliva and other fluids. With these trays, the patient can expect to get 7-10 hours of overnight whitening, while traditional trays may only promote 30 minutes of whitening.

3. The Whitening Program That Lasts:  The KöR teeth whitening offers patients with an in-office whitening session, a few weeks of overnight teeth whitening that can be performed at home, and a maintenance program. 

Whom do we recommend KöR teeth whitening?

KöR whitening is meant for patients with the following cases:

  • Patients who desire ultra white teeth
  • For rougher stains
  • Cases when traditional whitening methods did not work.


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